DavidSinger.com replaces SingerDesigns.com

This is now my offical home on the World Wide Web.

We are excited to present this new and improved website — davidsinger.com — replacing a previous website — singerdesigns.com — that will remain online until more of its content is fully integrated here.

Michael Angelo Truncale, who heads Pebble Creative, is leading the design and development of this site, moving me into the 21st century. Together we decided on the following site goals:

1. To present an archive of artworks and information about them.

2. To communicate ideas and stories of the life and experiences of a graphic artist.

3. To provide a place for collectors to purchase Original Art and Published Works.

For our team, this site will be easier to update with new content — for our visitors, this site will be easier to navigate and automatically adjust for screen size.

So check in, when you like, for additions of new and older artworks, blog posts and events, and what is happening in Singer world. This site will evolve with added content, so if you want to receive updates, join our email list HERE.

The sketch of me is by Lourdes "Agnes" Livingston, early 1970s. Lourdes is an illustrator and now a Director at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California.

Happy trails . . . 

David Singer

Author of this Post

David Singer "David Singer is best known as one of the early Fillmore artists, designing 75 posters for Bill Graham, from 1969 to 1990. This was the era before computers changed everything in graphics. Working mostly in the medium of collage, he has now integrated traditional analog cut-and-paste methods with current digital techniques. David singer currently lives and works in Petaluma, California."