Poster for "Bill Graham and the Rock & Roll Revolution" was Decades in the Making

My poster for the Bill Graham Retrospective Exhibit at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, later this year, gave rise to an interesting creative juxtoposition. The black and white image used was collaged during the time I designed posters for Bill Graham Presents, in the early 1970s; never having published it then, it remained in a drawer ever since. Because the collage derives from that BGP period is partly the reason I chose it for this commission. Also, the spiral pattern background was a very early computer generated design (when that was considered "computer art"), so the image resonated with the idea of revolution, not only in the realm of Rock & Roll but in graphics. In those earlier times collaging was done mostly with cut and paste methods, but has since been augmented or replaced by digital manipulation. So this older collage was scanned, cleaned up, and colored on a computer, to present the image using techniques not possible when it was first pasted together. The Los Angeles exhibit at the Skirball Cultural Center is about Bill Graham's life and career, with emphasis on his important contribution to the world of music and concert production. Posters are not the focus of the exhibit, although it will no doubt include some. Mine was not the only poster Skirball commissioned for the exhibit; both Bonnie MacLean and Randy Tuten have also designed posters. Art direction was handled by Arlene Owseichik (Big Picture Productions), once the art director for Bill Graham Presents.

The Skirball exhibit begins May 7 and runs to October 11, 2015. Check out these websites:

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David Singer "David Singer is best known as one of the early Fillmore artists, designing 75 posters for Bill Graham, from 1969 to 1990. This was the era before computers changed everything in graphics. Working mostly in the medium of collage, he has now integrated traditional analog cut-and-paste methods with current digital techniques. David singer currently lives and works in Petaluma, California."