Posters for Moonalice, 2007–2015

With Roger McNameeBarry SlessPete SearsJohn Molo, and Big Steve Parish, MOONALICE is a quintessential California band. They spread good vibes wherever they go.

The band has had a poster designed and printed for each gig since they started, in mid-2007, and the series now runs to more than 800 posters. Everyone who attends a show can leave with a poster that celebrates the event.

My first poster for the band, M-21 in the series, featured their appearance at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival, in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, October, 2007. Since then, I've designed a total of 100 posters for Moonalice, my latest being M-819, for a show at Golden Sails in Long Beach, California on MayDay, 2015. My entire series can be seen on this site, except for my last five that will be added soon. 

Working for Moonalice is a wonderful experience. Twice in my career as a graphic artist, I've been privileged to design a series of posters for a client that produces a poster for each show and gives great freedom to their artists—first for Bill Graham Presents designing Fillmore West and Special Event posters, and now for the band Moonalice.

I also designed the circular Moonalice name that is often used as a band logo. It appears on all 100 of my poster designs; on various posters by other artists; on stickers, books, and tee-shirts; and is sometimes displayed on a tapestry behind the band, as they play. 

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David Singer "David Singer is best known as one of the early Fillmore artists, designing 75 posters for Bill Graham, from 1969 to 1990. This was the era before computers changed everything in graphics. Working mostly in the medium of collage, he has now integrated traditional analog cut-and-paste methods with current digital techniques. David singer currently lives and works in Petaluma, California."